Join Liberty, the next gen
'play-to-earn' Guild!
Liberty is a barrier breaking project in ‘play to earn’ gaming.
The guild is the ‘gateway’ for gamers to gain access to previously expensive & inaccessible NFTs within blockchain gaming, as well as providing an ecosystem for them to learn and thrive within the new gaming era.
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Liberty Gaming Guild,
the gateway to liberty, freedom and play-to-earn metaverse success!
We aim to open doors for all crypto-based gamers of all ages and backgrounds from across the globe, by lowering the entry barrier for participation.
Build a thriving community with rewards and incentives, grow our scholars with training and educational programs on relevant topics such as DeFi, CeFi, Crypto & Blockchain
Liberty will continue to expand our game collection, to offer as wide a choice as possible to our community, whilst making scholarships available across the entire portfolio.

We will continuously grow our NFT and Crypto portfolio to become a leading investor within blockchain gaming.
Continue to develop, engage and contribute to the crypto gaming metaverse, be the ‘go-to’ guild for everything associated with crypto play-to-earn games.

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Liberty will invest in a host of ‘play to earn’ games, growing its NFT & crypto portfolio, building up its communities and scholarships.
Axie Scholarships!
Axie Infinity is currently one of the top played NFT games currently in the market.

Besides running a Discord server and community, we also provide an education and support system for all our players and scholars, to earn, learn and grow towards success and freedom.
We build communities in
Axie Infinity
More games coming soon…
If you want to collaborate, invest or get involved with Liberty Gaming Guild please send us an email.

For any other request or inquiry please use our Discord or social media channels.

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